Growth 4 U

Growth 4 U is a program specifically designed for individuals with mental illness of any age who require assistance to obtain and maintain employment. Based on the Individual Placement and Support model, staff work with clients to create a Return to Work Action Plan which outlines the steps needed to successfully enter or re-enter the workforce.

The program is funded by Service Canada and is free to participants. We accept new clients on a continuous intake basis.

What Growth 4 U has to offer

In-depth client assessment, case management and Return to Work Action plans.

8 week paid work experience placement (clients can only work up to 15 hours per week).

Ongoing support to find meaningful employment if client is not hired by work experience host.

Program Outline for Employment Workshops

Workshops are chosen based on need, and include but are not limited to:

Mental Health Impacts

Designed for clients to get to know each other and find common ground

Clients share some of their life experiences and the impact that mental illness has had on their lives.
Strategies that will help them in the classroom and on the job are discussed.
Facts about mental illness and work are presented as well as success stories of people living and working with mental illness.

Life Skills

Clients Learn about several topics which will help them in personal management

Workplace etiquette, disclosure and employer expectations.
Effective listening skills and feedback.
Problem solving, conflict resolution, assertiveness.
Reducing stress and anxiety and creating a work/life balance.
Budgeting and nutrition.

Career Planning

Learning about personality traits and employment interest areas

Self-discovery activities to learn which skills you enjoy using and what you are interested in doing for work.Researching occupations that will provide a good match.

Job Search

Tools for obtaining employment.
Where and how to look for work.
Transferring skills to a resume.
Interview skills.
Work Experience placement.



This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. 

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Cost: No Cost
Duration: Location: Calgary - Downtown

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